Fancy a game of gingerbread Ping-Pong?

Rethink broke this regulation-sized table into pieces and mailed it to its loved ones. Yum.

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Last week, the editorial staff over here got a tasty package in the mail. It was delicious, yes, but we kinda had to have blind faith in the folks at Rethink when we ate it — you see, we weren’t quite sure what we were eating.

We knew that it smelled of ginger and that the blue colour was most certainly frosting, but we weren’t sure if we our imaginations were big enough to figure out what giant whole the small, square piece of gingerbread was a part of. Was it a giant Smurf puzzle? Did it make up the “R” in Rethink? Or what it simply just a square, with no backstory to tell?

Well, the mystery was solved last week when the agency released a video of the ginger piece’s owner: a regulation-size Ping-Pong table made from 50 square feet of gingerbread and 15 kgs of icing.

Turns out we didn’t have a big enough imagination after all – we definitely would not have guessed, especially when they told us that the shop lives by a belief called the Ping Pong Ball Theory, which is essentially about clear communication. “Throw one ping pong ball to someone and they’ll catch it. Throw five and they won’t catch any,” stated Rethink in a note.

Good thing they shared the ginger love, because this big boy comes in at 200,000 calories (which equates to approximately 700 hours of playing Ping-Pong to burn it off, according to the agency).

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