Where’s Aldo?

Can you find him? Cundari takes the title for most frustrating (but most fulfilling) holiday card so far this year.


His work attire (typically) doesn’t include a red-and-white striped shirt and bobble hat, but he is just as surreptitious in chaotic environments. The Waldo of advertising is none other than Aldo Cundari (how did they not think of this before? Or maybe they’ve been sitting on this as an inside joke for some time now?).

He’s MIA and it’s your mission — if you choose to accept it for the chance to win tickets to a Leafs game — to find him in this mess of an office scene. Is he taking a break in the “medical marijuana only” smokers room? Perhaps he’s just helping to put out a fire in production (or that one in the front-level boardroom where Mr. December has set some female hearts, and loins, alight). There are no secrets in advertising anymore.


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