Rick Campanelli knows baby gear

The TV star's baby should get an Emmy for his patient performance in Best Buy's new "Dad Hacks" spots.

screen shot 2017-01-23 at 9.36.44 pm

We’re not used to hearing Best Buy and baby chairs in the same sentence, but that’s about to change. The retailer is gung-ho on promoting a host of kid products it sells online, and it’s enlisted the help of funny guy Rick Campanelli and his uber adorable babe to vouch for the products in a trio of comical spots.

Each “Dad Hack” video puts one of three products — a stroller, a chair and a monitor — in the spotlight (however, we all know who the ads’ real star is). In them, daddy Rick shows why he and baby love the gear without being heavy-handed on promotional speak, instead opting for humour to showcase the products’ features (and convey his ulterior motives for other dads to empathize).