How bitter can you go?

New print ads for Farnham Ale & Lager show a range of bitterness for everyone, from blanket hogging bedmates to clumsy boaters.


Farnham Ale & Lager has made a name for itself by highlighting the bitterness of its beers, but its latest campaign shows that can come in a variety of forms.

Much like past campaigns ad agency Lg2 has created for the craft brewery, the print ads show people in a variety of undesirable situations. However, the new campaign’s scenarios start small and escalate, from a blanket hog claiming more of the bed for herself to a boater losing increasingly important items to the water below.

The idea behind the ads is that there is a range of bitterness in Farnham’s beer, replacing “A Bit Bitter” with the new “Lightly to Very Bitter” tagline, which appears next to three cans instead of just one.

Despite using it as a defining factor throughout the years, this isn’t the first attempt by the brewery to show that a bitter beer can appeal to a range of tastes. The packaging for many of Farnham’s beers, also crafted by Lg2, features a large number indicating its IBU rating (the higher the number, the more bitter the beer). In 2015, it brought a vending machine to a craft beer festival, giving visitors a free beer with its bitterness determined by how loud they yelled at it.

1701_imprime_farnham_en_bitter_escalier_vignette 1701_imprime_farnham_en_bitter_chaloupe_vignette