Out of the depths, into the ROM

The Toronto museum offers a rare opportunity for visitors to learn about blue whale biology.

It’s always a bit comforting when knowledge can come out of tragic events. Such was the case in 2014, when nine rare blue whales – or 3% of the Northwest Atlantic’s entire blue whale population – became trapped in ice off the coast of Newfoundland and died.

Two of those whales, though, washed ashore and allowed for an unprecedented research opportunity – scientists recovered the bones of the endangered species and transport them to Ontario.

After a long, arduous process, one of the whales’ massive skeletons will be on display at the Royal Ontario Museum’s “Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story” exhibit. Along with the 80-foot skeleton, visitors will be able to learn more about the blue whale’s biology, evolution and more.

The exhibit opens March 11.