Garden’s gnome to the rescue

Why the shop is 3D-printing lawn figurines (and using its managing director's body to sell the thing).

Creepy, hairy gnomes are no longer relegated to only keeping the lawn company – thanks to The Garden’s recent hack of the figurines’ purpose.

The Toronto agency has produced its own version of a lawn gnome, except that this one sits on a desk/near a fireplace/in a bathtub, allowing clients to reach the shop at the press of a button.

It works like this: if a client has a project (The Garden’s specialty, having worked on 150 separate projects over the past two years, not as an AOR), they can contact the agency’s team by pressing a button on the gnome, which sends signals using its “proprietary chip-based technology – no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection required” to deliver an email asking for help.

If you think the gnome is kooky on it’s own, you should watch the 90-second faux infomercial, starring a near-naked managing director Dic Dickerson, and then feel strangely compelled to pick up one of the 3D-printed gnomes for yourself right here.

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