Bringing the house down

Hornbach laughs in the face of failure.

If at first you don’t succeed, laugh, laugh, laugh it off.

That seems to be the lesson behind this ridiculous spot from Hornbach, a home improvement retailer, of all things. Watch as a heedless man attempts to construct a house from scratch, on his own, in a remote location, using wares from the brand. He seems to think of himself as a bit of a mason. Clearly he is not.

But his lack of skill is not the point. His reaction shows that it’s as much about the failures as it is about success, with the tagline for the commercial telling viewers to “Regret Nothing.”

“It was time to shatter the image of the notorious hero, yet still have this character emerge victoriously from the rubble of his endeavours,” says Guido Heffels, CD at Heimat, the Berlin-based agency behind the spot that turns a blind eye to defeat.