It’s raining tequila

The Mexico Tourism Board and Lapiz help wash away some of the winter blues in Germany.

Move over, Tequila Sunrise. The “Tequila Cloud” is having a moment.

For those who don’t know, weather in Germany this time of year basically sucks (unless you’re one of those people who happens to love grey skies and rain all day).

To add some sunshine to the cold and dreary days, the Mexico Tourism Board teamed up with creative agency Lapiz to make it literally rain tequila.¬†Using ultrasonic humidifiers, Lapiz turned tequila into a cloud of mist, and eventually “rain.” The cloud installation was on display in Berlin, raining shots every time it rained in the city.

Sounds like a good way to forget the winter blues.

Via Adweek


Client: Mexico Tourism Board

Creative Agency: Lapiz

Production Company: Two Bit Circus

Sound: Earhole Studios

PR Agency: MSLGroup

Lapiz USA

Executive Creative Director: Luciana Cani

Creative Director: Lizette Morazzani

Head of Art: Flavio Pina

Associate Creative Director: Felipe Leite

Sr. Designer: Juan Carlos Montes

Copywriter: Ana Karina Da Silva

Art Director: Freddy Agostini

Editor: Rodrigo Cantalejo

Strategy Director: Felipe Cabrera

Strategist: Jaime Mougan

Executive Producer: Aldo Gagliardi

Producer: Juale Chavez

Account Director: Ernesto Adduci

Account Supervisor: Daniela Barceló

Account Supervisor: Maria Bonet

Assistant Account Executive: Marie Abboud

Collaboration & Process Director: Julie Ptasinski

Two Bit Circus

Engineer: Chris Weisbart

Engineer: Robb Godshaw


Executive Producer: Derek Goldsmith

Colorist: Jeff Altman

Videographer: Robin Lockmann