Johnsonville taps its employees for creative. Again.

The food company's workers share their meaty dreams in the latest campaign.

After 72 years, meat maker Johnsonville Foods is still family-owned — and while it’s been working with New York Agency Droga5 since 2014, it has once again tapped its own employees as the stars (and inspiration) for its new ads.

Johnsonville’s employees dream up ads inspired by their own rock star dreams (singing about chicken, naturally) and campy, 1970s game shows (with contestants bidding on boats filled with sausage, naturally).

The new ads, which embrace awkward self-awareness and delicately walk the line between quirky and twee, are the second iteration of Johnsonville’s “Made the Johnsonville Way” campaign. Last year, Johnsonville and Droga5 launched the campaign with its employees dreaming up high-concept car chases and hunters talking to animals in the woods.

The message? That Johnsonville is family-owned and involves its employees in every step of the process (even if they happened to sneak an agency in there too).

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