We’re on the hunt for artistic philanthropists

Want to donate the brilliant output of your side project labours and reap Stimulant fame?

stress eater 2

Stimulant is offering you the chance to shine (and the blessings of good karma) in exchange for your Passion Project — an item you’ve personally designed, baked, built or shaped outside the rigmorale of the office.

The second Stimulant Passion Projects silent auction will be held at the AToMiC Awards on May 31, 2017, with the proceeds going to NABS.

Last year, the auction loot included artist-designed umbrellas, sketches, sweet threads, tequila from the agave gods, portrait sessions, paintings and more.

So if you or a friend (who works in a creative profession or within the advertising industry) have something that’s been created on the side and outside office walls, please send a note to Jen at jhorn@brunico.com and we’ll gladly add you to the list of donors, with the chance to also be featured on Stimulant Online.

Image: This year, Darryl Sinclair will be donating Stress Eaters,¬†stuffed monster dolls that help people externalize their anxieties by feeding them with notes about what’s bothering them.

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