How about a literal tea party?

Check out this French designer's dancing tea pot.
tea robot

It’s no secret that creatives love their caffeine. Whether your poison is tea, coffee or a cooler full of Red Bull, it can provide the kick to get through the day.

But what about giving your caffeine a kick? No, we’re not talking about the mythical Starbucks “Red-Eye” (although talk to us when we’re on press and we might be interested). We’re talking about a teapot that actually kicks, twists and boogies. The teapot is not a retail product but the brainchild of 3D maker Paul-Louis Ageneau, based in France. While Ageneau isn’t selling his robots, he’s included the 3D printing plans and programming instructions for the little guy so aspiring makers can create their own personalĀ Beauty and the BeastĀ party at their desk.

Okay, so you can’t actually fill this robotic tea pot with tea, since its insides are largely occupied by the various circuits that give it all its rhythm and groove. Small price to pay for something that is, frankly, a delight to have at the desk. Seriously, check out its moves.

If you happen to know your stuff in the field of 3D printing, you could possibly create a version that resembles a French press, a classic espresso or perhaps even a can of Red Bull.