A face to launch a beauty shift

Buzzman's unsettling take on fighting for natural beauty will stick with you.

There’s something generally sad and uncomfortable about seeing people who have taken cosmetic procedures too far, but Paris agency Buzzman has added a new layer to those feelings.

Its new film piece for LPG’s “Endermologie” treatment, a non-invasive beauty procedure, takes us into the eerie air of a wealthy woman’s home.

The central character is one we’ve likely all seen: a woman who has undergone procedure after procedure to be left with a line-free but artificial look. She takes the viewer through her opinions on her own level of beauty and the choices others should make to look like her – all before an unsettling reveal.

The disconcerting conclusion that the woman is speaking through a ventriloquist’s dummy – the only way she can show emotion – is actually a message to encourage women to “fight for natural beauty” and opt for anti-aging procedure’s like Endermologie over surgeries and injections.

For those of us who can still show our feelings on our faces, we’re probably exhibiting some mixed emotions.

Via Adweek


President: Nathalie Guitay
Sales and Marketing Director: Nelson Philippe
Strategic Marketing Manager Gaële: Euvrie
International Sales Director Isabelle Boué: Jaoshvili
Agency: Buzzman
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Vice-President: Thomas Granger
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Account Director: Xavier Devaux Landragin
Strategic Planner: Renaud Berthe
Head of PR & Communication: Amélie Juillet
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