Is it me, or my Tic Tacs?

The Ferrero candy promises it will make people feel like a million bucks…almost.


Do people just like me for my Tic Tacs? Making would-be owners of the Ferrero candy feel like they won the lottery and also question their self-worth is the premise of a new ad campaign.

The tagline for the print and OOH spots is “Feel like a millionaire. Well, a Tic Tac millionaire.”

Three spots feature despondent-looking people sitting in silent contemplation, wondering if people are just using them for their Tic Tacs. One spot, featuring a man sitting in front of a line of washing machines, says “Am I truly funny, or do they just want me for my Tic Tacs?”

The print and OOH spots were created by the Miami office of la comunidad.