Drake’s dad isn’t that interesting, but he is real

The rapper is borrowing interest from the "most interesting man in the world" to sell whiskey in spots featuring his old man.

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Drake’s dad is probably not the most interesting man in the world, but he is real. How wearing a du-rag under another du-rag or going dutch on the first date makes a man real, we have no idea, but we’ll keep an open mind, because, well, it’s Drake’s dad.

About a year ago, the rapper partnered with whiskey producer Brent Hocking to create Virginia Black Whiskey, a new American flavour profile that comes dressed in a decadent perfume-style bottle. Today, he’s borrowing interest from Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man In The World” with a couple of videos (directed by Director X) that has Drake introducing someone who’s not worried about the most interesting man in the world – his dad, the “realest” of them all.

We’re still not sure what the correlation is between the Mexican beer and the rapper’s distilled beverage, but we’ll let that one go too, because, well, it’s Drake’s dad.