First comes divorce, then a new mattress

An Icelandic mattress company worked with a TO agency to have its beds approved by New York lawyers.

matress 2

Normally, after the “D” word is used in the house, it’s followed by a call to the family lawyer. Weeks later, one of the two victims of divorce will usually find themselves in a warehouse testing the bounce and firmness of a demo box spring and mattress.

It makes sense, then, that legal professionals give the best bed recos since they’re in constant contact with divorcees griping about their hunt for new sleeping arrangements. That’s why EYRI Mattresses has partnered with New York lawyers to personally approve its beds.

The Icelandic company partnered with Canadian agency LP/AD to create an OOH campaign, featuring a lawyer sitting on the brand’s mattress in a suit, with cheesy copy, in Brooklyn this month. It also launched an AI “argue-bot” that allows visitors to the website to essentially have a pointless argument with a fictional ex-partner. And, on Tinder, the brand is offering recently divorced folk a 50% off promo coupon. So, basically, if you’ve just lost your other half, EYRI will lose half its price in solidarity.

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