Some things are better new

Buzz Buzz Home says you can avoid ghosts, goblins and asbestos by starting afresh.

buzz buzz

The house you just purchased is everything you wanted in a home, but something’s not quite right. Kitchen cupboards miraculously slam shut on their own. It’s near-impossible for the TV to stay on one channel for more than six seconds. And you frequently get the feeling that someone is watching you from the attic while you mow the lawn.

We hate to break it to you, but if you nodded your head to one (or all) of these disturbances, then you’ve got a ghost. And why? Because you bought a pre-owned home.

At least that’s the reason Buzz Buzz Home is giving viewers of it’s latest perfectly-timed-for-Halloween ad that demonstrates the benefits of buying new — which, as it turns out, you can do by searching its site, which has map-based search results for all new developments in any given area.