Peeling furniture

To peel or to open? That is the burning question behind this layered cabinet.


Have you ever walked into an abandoned building and felt compelled to strip away the mouldy, cracked and peeling paint on the walls? That’s how we feel when we look at this beautiful cabinet from Swedish design studio¬†Stoft.¬†The piece was designed by three creatives, who are naming it “Whittle Away” for its outermost layer of wood that appears as though it’s peeling away in hypnotising concentric shapes.

whittle-away-cabinet-stoft-11 whittle-away-cabinet-stoft-1-810x563 whittle-away-cabinet-stoft-3 whittle-away-cabinet-stoft-4 whittle-away-cabinet-stoft-5 whittle-away-cabinet-stoft-6 whittle-away-cabinet-stoft-7