Battling deadly assumptions

Pancreatic Cancer Canada posits the similarities between two phallic-shaped organs to make a point.

pancreatic cancer

Assumption is the mother of all misdiagnosed cancers.

That back ache you feel, the nausea that plagues and the weight loss that suddenly happens should not be assumed to be the side-effects of a stressful life.

That’s what Pancreatic Cancer Canada is trying to address with its new (and first-ever) campaign from The&Partnership, hitting home with a bold misdirect to prove a point.

A cheeky creative element of the campaign comes in the form of a floating pixelated pancreas in the spot below, with a woman describing the organ in a way that alludes to it being another similar looking phallic-shaped body part.

You wouldn’t be blamed for making the assumption, but the organisation is hoping to convince people to think before making an assumption next time. The team has also created a website showing all the facts and bringing the emotional effects to the fore, with video interviews from those who have been affected by the disease.

“The national campaign is set to snap people out of potentially incorrect assumptions, because that’s the only way to start saving lives,” says James Sadler, deputy executive creative director at The&Partnership in Vancouver. The goal is to draw attention to the human impact of the disease and make a plea to help fund necessary research with a message of “now you know the facts, it’s time to change the outcome,” said Sadler.

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