Water jetpack. ‘Nuff said.

There is nothing else to say about this. It's a water jetpack.
Water Jetpack

Every year, theĀ StimulantĀ gift guide sees at least one gift that breaks the bank (last year, it was Mary Maddever’s robot bartender for a cool $25,000). So far this year, we’ve been pretty modest in our gift ideas — from a $6 printable poster to an $85 sleep-anywhere pillow, we’ve been keeping it low-key this season.

Account manager Adam Klymkiw, however, decided he wanted to put a freaking jetpack on the list.

Not just any freaking jetpack: a freaking water jetpack. Shanghai-based X-Jets creates hydro-powered jetpacks, which use the power of water to propel users around.

They’re not exactly consumer-grade (and our Google search for “jetpacks+legal+Toronto” didn’t exactly turn up fruitful results), but you can indeed buy a base kit for just over $6,000.

So why does Adam want to buy this for all of his friends? In his own words:

  • No more boring commutes to work;
  • At your cottage, you get to be “that asshole with a jetpack;”
  • You get to feel superior while soaring over philistines in their canoes and paddleboards;
  • A true sense of freedom (and not just because you have financial freedom, being able to afford one of these things); and
  • Reasonably priced.

(We assume “reasonable” is subjective).