Jim Beam makes a play for smart home systems (sorta)

Who needs their Google assistant or a doting Alexa when they can have a smart decanter?

Smart home systems may be all the rage this holiday season, but for those with simpler tastes, why not a smart decanter?

Jim Beam has unveiled the “World’s First Intelligent Bourbon Decanter,” simply known as “Jim.”

Does Jim have all the same capabilities as Alexa? Let’s see. “Hey Jim, what’s the forecast today?” won’t result in a very useful answer. “Hey Jim, play some sweet Norwegian folk metal” will yield a void of silence (which, for some, is better than Norwegian folk metal). “Hey Jim, who played Captain Stacy in the short-lived¬†Amazing Spiderman¬†reboot?” You’re silly for even asking that!

But “Hey Jim, what’s the best way to drink bourbon?” will get you the right answer: “Any damn way you please.”

The phrase is also voiced by the brand’s “master distiller,” Fred Noe, for added authenticity.

While the promotional video by Olson Engage certainly embraces the absurdity of Jim, believe it or not, he was available in limited quantities for $35 on the Jim Beam website¬†— unfortunately, he sold out in less than a week. We can only hope the lucky few who got their hands on one will pour a virtual drink for those who weren’t so lucky.