Tinder wants to make dating fun again

The new digital campaign says love should be simple, like back in the caveman days.

Dating and hook-up app Tinder has a new digital ad that positions it as an app for freedom, breaking away from the status quo and just doing things your own way.

Including dating.

The animated spot by L.A. production company Buck starts with a rather, er, simple-minded paleolithic man meeting his first companion. While their relationship evolves naturally, the ad argues that too many restrictions, rituals and even legislation have made relationships overly complicated.

So yes, the app that facilitates your hookups and awkward bar meet-ups is now marketing itself as a back-to-basics concept. Meet people. Get to know people. Build relationships with people. Fall in love with people. Or don’t. The choice is yours. Love is simple.


Brand: Tinder
Production company: Buck Los Angeles
Executive creative director: Ryan Honey

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