D&AD calls on all doodlers

The creative festival is calling on the public to draw its new creative, no matter how absurd it may seem.

Everything starts with an idea. No matter how crazy, unconventional or downright nonsensical it is, everything starts with a simple idea.

Creative festival D&AD partnered with design studio Hato to bring that theme to life with a new campaign. That campaign, entitled “Start With a Mark,” will showcase all those crazy little scribbles that make up the brightest ideas.

Hato conceived a digital tool that invites people to create a 360-degree doodle using a rotating canvas. The website is open to the industry and the general public, and all creative submitted through the tool will build the creative for the campaign itself. The idea is that behind every award-winning campaign, it started with a simple sketch, a quick doodle and a tiny idea.

Check out the tool¬†here¬†— don’t be afraid to get a bit weird.

Here are some of our favourite submissions:

hato_dandad_steve vranakis

hato_dandad_carly ayres