Canal invites you to ‘dive’ right in

Canal's self-aware soccer ad provides a possible explanation for all those dramatic tumbles.
Canal Voodoo

The annual Classico soccer match (Olympique de Marseille versus Paris Saint Germain) will air on Canal+ on Feb. 25. For many soccer fans, this means watching with delight — and, often, incredulity — as players tumble to the ground with dramatic injuries, seemingly out of nowhere.

Pairing with agency BETC, Canal+ crafted an ad with a possible explanation for all those dives.

It shows a Marseille and a Saint Germain supporter watching eagerly in their respective homes, each taking their anticipation out on voodoo dolls of the opposing teams.

Hmm. Suddenly those dramatic performances make a lot more sense!

To accompany the ad, BETC has created a microsite that lets supporters prick their own virtual voodoo doll of whichever team they are rooting against.


Client: Canal+
Agency: BETC



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