Will it blend?

Foodora's new fusion blends are unconventional, but we're open-minded.

What are two things millennials love? It’s pretty simple. We like flatlays. We like rose gold. We like SVOD. We like reading articles about the industries we’re killing. We like subscription and delivery services. We like avocado toast. We like smoothies.

With our super-fulfilling lives, it might actually make sense to combine a few of those. And while some of those might be harder than others, we think we’ve found a decent combination of at least three. Food delivery (ding!) company Foodora has decided to create its own custom line of liquified meals (ding!) called Fusionblends, which creates pureed meals for on-the-go foodies. Among other flavours is the “Brunch Time” blend, which includes cinnamon buns, foamy cappuccino and avocado toast (ding ding ding!). Yeah, they’ve got our number.

Other flavours include “Date Night” (pureed cannelloni with slices of warm baguette topped with cherry cheesecake, for those on that niche “high carb low fat” diet), “Break Up” (chocolate cake, ice cream and cookies… okay, that one actually sounds pretty good) and our personal favourite, “Game Night” (cheeseburger pureed with BBQ baby back ribs and hot chicken wings – we assume the bones are left out). Of course, if you can’t decide, there’s the Binge Out, which combines the best elements of each flavour into one.

The flavours are set to launch April 1, in time for… oh, we see what’s going on here. Nice try, Foodora!

But, on second thought, we kind of want the Break Up smoothie to be real.

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