Deadpool picks a fight against cancer

Canada's pride and joy, Ryan Reynolds, is inviting fans to step up and bid on a custom suit for charity. The catch? It's really, really pink.

A new global campaign featuring Deadpool is offering fans the chance to win their very own anti-hero suit, and it’s all for charity.

Canada’s pride and joy and star of Marvel’s Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, has teamed up with fundraising platform Omaze and Canadian non-profit Fuck Cancer to auction off a custom-made Deadpool suit with the goal of raising funds for cancer detection, prevention, and support.

The ad, which launched today, features a leather-clad Reynolds on the Deadpool set, encouraging fans to be a hero by bidding on the suit.

The only catch? It’s really pink.

But think about it: it could be your very own custom-made, pink Deadpool suit. And as Reynolds says in the ad, “What you do from there is limited only by your imagination.”

While Fuck Cancer, founded by Vancouver’s Yael Cohen Braun, has become known for its bold approach to cancer awareness, fundraising platform Omaze has become known for its celebrity-clad campaigns featuring the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, Sheryl Crow, and Stella McCartney.

Let’s just hope pink’s your colour.