Logo a-go-go

Emanuele Abrate's showcase of popular logos with their fonts front and centre is not only entertaining, but also a great creative resource.

If someone said the font name “Bebas Neue” to you, would you know what to picture? Would the letters loom before you in your mind?

Probably not.

But what if they called it “The Netflix font?” Then surely that might conjure up images of the sharp right angles, the bold, red, block-like font looming before you (as you settle in for a few hours of mainlining The Office, surely).

What about Freight Sans Black? Would it ring more of a bell if you saw it wrapped around a caffeinated mermaid?

Graphic designer Emanuele Abrate recently compiled a list of some of the most iconic logos – specifically highlighting the fonts they used. From Spotify to YouTube and Red Bull, Abrate’s identified all the fonts in each one and laid it out in a cool, minimalist style.

The result is not only a fantastic graphic art exhibit, but an excellent resource for creative – hey YouTube, we’re stealing your font, and there’s nothing you can do about it!




Check out the rest on Abrate’s Behance gallery.