New campaign shows the darker side of plastic

FF New York's emotional new awareness campaign puts pollution in the hot seat.

If you haven’t caught onto the anti-plastic movement already, this awareness campaign should do the trick.

Launched this week by non-profit marine conservation organization, Sea Shepherd,”Plastic Ocean” aims to bring awareness to the frightening affect our addiction to plastic is having on aquatic life.


Created with FF New York, the ad starts off innocently enough, with smokey hues of pink, purple, and blue undulating on the screen. Soon, however, it becomes clear that those indistinguishable shapes are sea turtles, sharks, and dolphins caught in plastic.

“Plastics are invading the oceans on an unprecedented scale,” Sea Shepherd CEO Alex Cornelissen stated in a press release. “[I]f we don’t stop its progress, soon the oceans will contain more plastic by sheer weight than all animal life combined.”

It’s not too late, however. Cornelissen says that just as we have caused the destruction, we can — and should — fix it.

Plastic has been on the hot seat lately, with more and more people choosing to ditch the straw, go “topless” on their morning coffee, and pack lunch in a reusable container.


Client: Sea Shepherd
Agency: FF New York