Settle in for a creature feature

Les Evades delivered a whimsical take on cinematic classics for Cinema du Parc.

Montreal’s Cinéma du Parc believes that even the tiniest among us can be film fans. The independent theatre recently launched a children’s program running kid-friendly programming on the weekends.

Showing family classics like E.T., My Neighbor Totoro and Fantastic Mr. Fox, the cinema wanted to communicate this new combination of youthful wonder and artistic sophistication to junior cinemaphiles.

It paired with Les Évadés to create a series of posters that best captured the new programming. Illustrator Sandro Rybak’s designs depict the unmistakable characters with an innovative and imaginative style.


et totoro


Client: Cinéma du Parc
Agency: Les Évadés
Art director: Martin Dupuis
Creative director: Charles Gagnon
Illustrator: Sandro Rybak