Montreal Jazz Festival’s sensational new branding

Bleublancrouge used data for everything from hand claps to beer purchases to create this new identity.

With only a couple months to go before the annual Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Bleublancrouge has unveiled the revamped brand identity of the festival.

But this branding goes beyond a visual identity. The graphics for the festival were created using data gathered during one of last year’s performances featuring artists Busty and the Bass. Visualizing the data created from stomps, body temperature, cheering and even beer purchases, BBR combined it all to create a colourful new brand identity that encompasses much more than colour.

Check out how they did it here:

BBR has been working on the rebrand since 2016. Last year, the festival surpassed the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada as generating the most economic activity of any other tourist event. It brought in an estimated $48.5 million, up 24% from the $39.1 million estimated in 2016.

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Client: Festival International de Jazz de Montréal
Agency: Bleublancrouge
Design: Studio Baillat

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