Smile, it’s allergy season

Reactine started an online petition for the creation of an "Allergy Feels" emoji.

Now that spring allergen season is upon us, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to communicate our collective misery via text?

That’s what allergy relief brand Reactine Canada had in mind when they started a petition for the creation of an “Allergy Feels” emoji.

emojiAccording to a study conducted by the company, nearly half of Canadian adults report being affected by seasonal or year-round allergies. That’s a lot of sniffling, itchy, watery eyes, headaches and hives to deal with sans emoji representation.

So, they’re going straight to the top – to the governing organization of emoji creation, Unicode Consortium (yes, that’s a real thing) – to get the people what they want: a congested, floating yellow head.

Feel strongly? You can share your #AllergyFeels stories on social media and sign the petition on