Mouths were meant for eating, not running

Snickers wants the haters to eat their words.

You know what’s more productive than hating? Eating something.

Haters are everywhere, but they’re especially prevalent in the world of sports (this lifelong Leafs fan knows that all too well). While the Toronto Raptors are currently on top of the sports world right now, some people still can’t help but hate. That’s where Snickers comes in.

The candy bar company has created a new real-time social media campaign to respond to anti-Raps backlash. When Snickers spies a hater on Twitter, the brand is responding with “You’re a hater when you’re hungry. #EatYourWords.” To add deliciousness to insult, Snickers offers up a rendering of a custom Snickers wrapper dedicated with the hater’s words. A select group of Canadians will also receive a custom box of real Snickers bars with their words on the wrappers.

It’s an extension of Snickers’ long-running “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign, but adding a fun, sports-centered twist.

Who knew being a hater could be so sweet (and chewy, and nutty…).