Prostate Cancer Canada puts its finger on the button

McCann's got a cheeky new spot to normalize prostate exams.

Prostate cancer is certainly no joke, but we have seen some pretty amazing material on the subject here at Stimulant. Perhaps it’s because when a topic arises that is so important yet so uncomfortable, the therapeutic thing to do is laugh about it.

Now, Prostate Cancer Canada has completely outdone itself, with a new campaign that combines sharp humour and a little (physical) discomfort. Teaming up with McCann, the awareness group highlighted famous fingers of history.

From Abraham Lincoln to James Dean and even Big Foot, the print and digital ad campaign is a humorous take on normalizing prostate exams. The video takes it one step further, featuring a group of men testing out the fingers in a focus group.

There’s something we rather like about this campaign, we just can’t quite put our fingers on it.

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Client: Prostate Cancer Canada
Agency: McCann Canada