Canadian students design German escape room for Amazon

A handful of Laurier game design students put their skills to the test with a major activation.

For some, it’s hard enough to make it through an escape room – a strategic and mathematical mind is required to solve the various intricate puzzles, while an analytical mind with a keen grasp of linguistics is often key in deciphering certain codes and wordplay.

Now imagine designing one.

Five students in Wilfrid Laurier University’s game design and development program were recently granted the opportunity to create a series of escape rooms for Amazon, unveiling the rooms to media at an event May 16 in Germany.

The escape rooms, which combined a creepy hospital unit with a maze-like server room, were created to celebrate the premiere of the cyber crime-themed Amazon original seriesĀ You Are Wanted.

Edward Copping, Kaelan Dunbar, Austin Lee, Jellena Vulic and Robert Durant are in their first, second and third years at WLU’s Brantford campus. They developed the four rooms under the supervision of Laurier professor Scott Nicholson and postdoctorial research fellow Emily Flynn-Jones.

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