Moët & Chandon release tennis-inspired champagne bottles

The limited edition design marks the 20th anniversary of tennis legend Roger Federer's career.

With the French Open now underway in Paris, Moët & Chandon champagne is marking the 20th anniversary of tennis legend Roger Federer’s career.

Working with Sid Lee Paris, the brand created 20 regular and 20 magnum-sized bottles of its 1998 vintage whose designs were created to look like the grip of a tennis racket. Moët & Chandon is also running a 30-second film showing off the design, which includes black leather wrapping and a regal-looking, red wax seal stamp.

While Federer will be handing out the standard-sized bottles as gifts, the magnums are almost comically expensive, at a price of 19,998 euros apiece. While that might be a lot of dough for champagne, the funds are benefiting the Roger Federer foundation, which helps children gain better access to sport and education.

Client: Moët & Chandon
Agency: Sid Lee Paris