A scribble of Canadiana

'Jesus Murphy', we gotta get ourselves to 'Crappy Tire!'

If you’ve ever had to turn the pockets of your track pants inside out to find a loonie to pay for your Double-Double because you brought too many two-fours up to the cottage on the May two-four weekend, and now you’re worried about picking up the Hydro bill this month, this just might be for you.

Sometimes our Canadianisms are so ingrained, we forget that people outside this country don’t actually say them.

Canadian magazine Wayward Arts teamed up with agency Wax to illustrate (literally) just how crazy some of these terms can be.

Wax reached out to 21 artists from around the globe asking them to illustrate Canadianisms, from “Crappy Tire” to “peelers” to “Jesus Murphy” without Googling them, then placing their interpretations side-by-side with the real deal courtesy of Canadian artists.

You can check out the full portfolio on the microsite, but here are some of our personal favourites.

“Crappy Tire”


“Jesus Murphy”