Advertising: It’s not life or death

War is hell. Marketing is not. Check out Union's take on this year's Marketing Awards show video.

Snapchat filters. Surprise pop-ups. Augmented reality.

These are all great tools for marketers and agencies, but maybe not for doctors, police officers, engineers or, well, the rest of the world.

It’s true that sometimes creatives feel a need to downplay their work. “Oh, I’m just a marketer. It’s not rocket science.” “Well, we’re not saving lives here.”

That may be, but you are saving the world of advertising. And that counts for something.

For this year’s Marketing Awards, strategy paired with Union to convey just that in a video that played at this year’s Marketing Awards gala.

Admittedly, it’s funny to see how excited marketers and creatives can get in the context of their own work when compared to an actual “life-or-death” situation.

Union worked with Touchpoint Films, Married to Giants, The Vanity, Cylinder Sound and Music, and Jigsaw Casting on the film.