Milk enters the world of GIFs

A campaign for the European Milk Forum recontextualizes some of the most popular GIFs on the internet, giving them a milk-focused backstory.

Some GIFs can become shared online so quickly and with such enthusiasm that often, the stories behind them remain anyone’s best guess.

A new campaign for the European Milk Forum by Sid Lee Paris delves into the backstories of some of these culture-defining GIFs by reimagining the contexts in which they are happening. In doing so, the digital campaign highlights various “Milk Moments,” because as it turns out, the dairy product is as ubiquitous as some of the most popular GIFs on the internet.

To get help get milk’s story out to the masses, Sid Lee has been using photo recognition technology to find Tweets containing the most-used GIFs and to send them an automatic reply containing the repurposed work to give them new meaning.

Agency: Sid Lee Paris
Client: European Milk Forum
Title of ad: Milk Moments – Behind the GIFs
Chairman, executive creative director: Sylvain Thirache
President: Johan Delpuech
Managing director: Mehdi Benali
Creative director: Stéphane Soussan
Copywriter: Chloé Lefour
Art director: Allan Huon
Account director: Jean-Baptiste Destabeau
Account manager: Trisha Mitra
Brand strategist: Ambroise Soulé
Agency producers: Thomas Laget, Baptiste Gibert
Digital agency producers: David Bismut, Clément Cassajus
Production company: Raise Up
Director: Adrien Sallé
Developer: 60 fps
Local activation strategy: Sopexa