Steam Whistle toots its own horn with redesign

The Toronto-based brewery will now include ingredients and nutritional information, even though it's not required by law.

Just in time for patio season, Toronto-based Steam Whistle Brewing has unveiled a new look.

After 18 years sporting the same, distinctive, lime green branding, the pilsner company has decided to refresh its packaging, opting to include an ingredients label and nutritional information even though they’re not required to by law. Mic drop.

nutrutional label

The repackaging comes with a social campaign #WhatsInYourBeer, which highlights the fact that, although Canadian brewers are not required to list their ingredients, Steam Whistle has nothing to hide.

In addition, redesigned bottles, cans and glasses will of course feature that glimmering steam whistle on the logo, which has been updated to be larger and more streamlined.

12 pack

6 cans

new glass