Monuments come to life in International Yoga Day campaign

The six-part campaign was created by Sushil Kumar Swamy.

This past International Yoga Day (June 21), one yogi found some inner peace mimicking famous spots in cities around the world.

Created by by India-based agency Sushil Kumar Swamy, the six-part print campaign celebrating the event’s fourth year shows a man striking a (yoga) pose to resemble some of the world’s most iconic bridges, statues and towers.

The yogi is pictured bending over backwards like the London Eye in the pose called Chakrasana, stretching like the leaning tower of Pisa in Tadasana and standing tall like the Statue of Liberty in Garudasana.

Each photo is accompanied by the tagline, “The world is learning along India.”

Now, if only we could put the whole world in Child’s Pose and give it a good nap.