Chip off the ol’ emoji

Old Dutch unleashes a petition calling on the makers of Emoji to add the famous snack to its character set.

Chip maker Old Dutch is running a petition addressing one of the most blatant examples of inequality: while even the eggplant and the tea cup have their own emojis (forever immortalizing them on our screens and phones), the famous potato chip does not.

In the words of the snack company: “This is unacceptable.”

To address the unfairness – and ultimately create some buzz around the brand – Old Dutch worked with Toronto’s Dash Agency on the petition to get UniCode, the gatekeeper of emojis, to include the chip as a character set. The petition letter, written with the “utmost importance and urgency,” urges UniCode to recognize chips as a “humble and impactful snack.”

And not only is the brand trying to spark an uprising on social, using #ReleaseTheChip, but Dash will also be submitting an official proposal to Unicode on July 17.

Client: Old Dutch
Agency: Dash



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