Sasha Ghavami seeks a Vibrant new image

The longtime sports agent has tapped Vibrant for branding of his new sports management agency.

Longtime sports agent Sasha Ghavami has launched his own sports management and representation agency – and he’s tapped design agency Vibrant to bring the brand to life.

Ghavami’s agency, VA-AS (Vision Ahead and After Sport) has a mission to promote athletes’ aspirations both inside and outside the world of sports. Nicolas Doyon, designer with Vibrant, said the branding needed to reflect something that “evokes greatness, sports and professionalism.”

The logo, which pairs a more traditional font with modified “As” creates a “movement effect,” said artistic director Renée-Claude Lapierre. In addition to the logo, will launch soon. The same simple yet movement-inspired creative will be prominent throughout the website, although the site will feature brightly coloured patches paired against black-and-white photos to achieve a sense of contrast.

picture2 picture1 vaas_website[1]