IKEA plays both sides

The retailer shows the push-and-pull of finding time and space for everyone in the home.

They say The Wire¬†is one of the best shows to watch more than once. It’s the second time around when you catch little character nuances and foreshadowing missed during their first binge-viewing sesh. And as peculiar as it may sound, the latest IKEA catalogue ad to hit YouTube is very much like the narcotics-driven show in that regard.

While viewing the commercial below, you may ask yourself, “WTF am I watching?” That is until the tagline comes up and it all becomes clear and your immediate instinct is to rewind and start all over again.

We won’t say much more (because no one likes a spoiler), except that the idea for the ad came from research at IKEA that shows there’s “an inherent tension between spaces and relationships” in homes all over the world. While privacy is important, so too are family homes built to support and nurture relationships. So don’t forget to flip through IKEA’s new catalogue for solutions for both (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).