Caul-ing all pizza lovers

Pizza Pizza's new ad targets young ‘uns with gluten-free crust.

Pizza Pizza ads of yore often featured close-ups of gluten-full slices, followed by the earworm of a jingle: “967-11-11. Phone Pizza Pizza. Hey, hey, hey!”

But as the classic pizza chain enters its fifty-first year in business, it’s teamed up with Holiday Films on a very 2018 spot promoting a very 2018 product.
cauliflowerA deep, male voice (so pitch-perfect it seems like he was on put on the Earth to do crusty voice-overs in commercials) talks over dramatic music as the screen fills with the close-up of none other than the almighty cauliflower. The vocal- and visual-style lets viewers know this is not your grandpa’s cauliflower – or pizza ad.
failNo, this ad is for the next generation of ‘za lovers. The 30-second spot mocks people’s attempts to make cauliflower-crust pizza at home as a failed attempt hits the table as the voice-over says: “Nailed it.” Which, for those over say the age of 30, actually means you definitely did not nail it. (Note for those who took a little too much joy in this commercial: these Pinterest fails will probably make your heart sing).

dogsThe spot then shows a series of #EpicFails, such as a slice that went to the dogs… literally.

caulpizzaThen, the voice-over offers an alternative – instead of failing to make your own gluten-free crust at home just phone Pizza Pizza, hey, hey, hey! Or in this day-and-age order a cauliflower-crust pizza online as the voice-over notes.


Client: Pizza Pizza
Cauliflower Crust Pizza Fails
Vice president, marketing:
Alyssa Huggins
Marketing director:
Amber Fancy Winters
Creative director:
Raymond Luk
Marketing manager:
Haley McDonough
Production company/agency:
Holiday Films
Jesse Senko
Executive producer:
Derek Sewell
Supervising producer: Christine Pacheco
Line producer:
Matt Kloskie
Creative director/art director/copywriter:
Bruce Mckay
Matt Kloskie, Nimble Post
Colour and finish:
Julian van Mil, Studio Feather
Food stylist:
Bernadette Ammar