Inhale, exhale, fart

DentsuBos' new posters bring out a more human side of yoga.

Deep breath in. What comes to mind when you think of yoga? Long breath out. Probably leggings, right? Deep breath in. Leggings, sports bras, messy buns, sweat-proof Fitbits. Long breath out.

Okay, but what about those who are less prone to leggings and sports bras (but possibly still some messy buns) yet still love yoga? U.K.-based Liz Allan Yoga wanted to promote the practice of yoga for men by creating a male-specific class, promoting body positivity and accessibility for all levels of yoga fitness. To promote the class, it tapped a Canadian agency, DentsuBos Montreal, for a humorous and colourful take on the oh-so-serious practice of yoga.

The print campaign included three small-format posters entitled “Beer,” “Kamasutra” and “Fart,” which contrast the grace and flexibility of yoga with the stereotypical laddish interests of beer, sex and, well, yeah.

These ads remind you that whether your tree pose is still a mere shrub or you’re king of the mountain pose, there’s no need to feel left out.

(And trust us, guys’ classes aren’t the only ones where someone occasionally lets one rip).

image004 image003 (1) image002 (2)


Client: Liz Allan Yoga
Agency: DentsuBos Montreal
Account supervisor: Thibault Etheart
Creative director: Sébastien Rivest
ACD/Copywriter: Michael Aronson
ACD/Art director: Julien Thiry
Art director: Hang Tan Tang
Production: M&H

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