Zoe Kravitz takes the night

BETC Luxe wants you to answer the call.

It’s been four years since Yves Saint Laurent launched its popular Black Opium fragrance.

The luxury brand took the opportunity to refresh its image with a new muse for the product, Zoë Kravitz.

To introduce Kravitz as the new face of Black Opium, YSL Beauty paired with Paris agency BETC Luxe and production house General Pop to create a dark, glitzy and slightly edgy TV spot.

Other talents behind the video include German director Jonas Lindstroem and producer Tyrone LeBon. Canada was well represented in the video too, with Toronto artist The Weeknd’s hit “The Hills” serving as the backing track.

The 60-second spot is a classic-motion editorial featuring Kravitz applying a spritz of the fragrance and – through a little bit of luxury perfume magic – summoning a small army of equally glamorous models, who slink like cats through Paris, finally making their way to an exclusive (and, we must say, very shiny) club.

Who knew it was that easy to make friends?

visuels complementaires_1 visuels complementaires_2 visuels complementaires_3


Client: Yves Saint Laurent
General manager: Stephan Bezy
VP global communications and image: David Iop
International marketing director, fragrances: Juliette Ferret
International communications director, fragrances: Bérengère Drevon-Balas
International group managers: Gustavo Goncalves Sotero, Mirna Helou
International product manager: Audrey Ayache
Agency: BETC Luxe
General manager: Brune Buonomano
Account director: Clément Roumegous
Account executive: Maud Lambert
Head of strategic planning: Fabien Le Roux
Executive creative director: Jasmine Loignon
Senior artistic director: Maud Lepetit
Copywriter: Xander Smith
Artistic director: Camille Ly
Alexis Gaujoin Digital copywriter
VP, CEO of General Pop: Fabrice Brovelli
Music creative director: Christophe Caurret
Post-production: Cyrielle Moustin (video), Capucine Lhermitte (print)
Sound: Green United Music