Be yourself, but better

Why be a TV dinner when you can be salmon and greens?

We all want to be better versions of ourselves. Maybe we wish we had better eyesight, or spoke better French or knew how the hell to pronounce “Worcestershire” correctly on the first try.

But we don’t want to change entirely. We’d still love to be ourselves, just the better versions of ourselves: the ones who stand up straighter and speak more clearly.

That’s the kind of self-improvement that’s being marketed by food, nutrition and supplement company Bulletproof. The Seattle-based company tapped a Canadian agency, Vancouver’s Will (because who knows more about living their best life than Vancouverites?) to spearhead creative for this digital and OOH campaign.

Both the visual and video ads follow the theme of “You, only better.” Whether that’s taking your footwear from aged high-tops to high-performance running shoes. or going from a groggy employee to one who’s a little more on-time and better at presentations, the theme of a small change having a big impact is present throughout all the creative.

Now, if we could only figure out “Wurchster.”

bulletproof 1 bulletproof 2 bulletproof 3 bulletproof 4


Client: Bulletproof
Agency: Will
Creative director: Lisa Lebedovich



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