Instagram art that is too much to handle

Los Angeles agency Kvell collaborates with Instagram artists to bring to life the quirkiest handles on the platform.


Above: Designer @j.m.navarro’s interpretation of the @thefriedmonster Instagram account. 

Los Angeles-based creative studio Kvell is on a mission to immortalize some of the strangest and most creative Instagram handles out there.

The shop has nearly 100,000 followers on the platform and routinely creates channel-specific content for its clients, so it thought it might be fun to creative Instagram art inspired by the likes of @BreadLoafMotel and @TheFriedMonster.

As a passion project, Kvell jots down the funny handles it comes across on Instagram, assigns an artist to create a visual representation of the concept, then posts the outcome on a dedicated channel, @InstaHandleProject.

Kvell co-founder Adam Rosenberg told Muse the idea is to create “fun, unbranded content” with the artists it uses for its own @meetkvell account and took root in someone stumbling across the handles @mermaidmeatloaf and @fluffysoda. “This project has not only generated great content, but it has become our process to vet content creators for branded projects,” he told the website.


Handle: @cloudymoose
Designed by @levibrownphoto


Handle: @discount_fannypack
Designed by @baiardiny


Handle: @thebreadloafmotel
Designed by @pom.ello


Handle: @neonburgers
Designed by @jennagang and styled by @hadassmirnoff



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