A tribute to the best stoner ads

Spoiler alert: It's literally all food.

Who would have thought that a marketing magazine would cover news about the cannabis industry on a near-daily basis? Strategy has worked diligently on the cannabis file for more than a year now, proving that with all the complications and restrictions placed on the industry (especially in marketing), reporting on it is anything but a laid-back trip.

Today, however, is all about a laid-back trip – down memory lane.

With legalization looming before us, we decided to look back at the best pot-fueled creative of our lifetimes. And no, we don’t mean “pot-fueled” in the sense that the creative team was enjoying some, er, tall glasses of water when they whipped these ads up. We mean the ads incorporated pot into the narrative.

And no, most of them didn’t actually show anyone smoking up, or even saying the “p-word” (or w-word, c-word, g-word or k-word). Goes to show just how creative you can get when your subject matter is, how you say, less than legal.

Jack In The Box

We’re not fortunate enough in Canada to actually have Jack in the Box, but we’re pretty sure the overwhelming desire to devour 30 tacos transcends culture. Please note: Stimulant urges readers to obey the law and not smoke and drive, even if it’s through a drive-through to get 30 tacos. You can walk to get your 30 tacos. P.S.: 30 tacos.

Carl’s Jr.

The U.S. fast food chain didn’t give a nod to stoners in any actual ads, but it did unveil special-edition uniforms in 2012 that bragged about waking and baking. Are you sensing as much of a theme as we are? Apparently, stoned people like to eat.

wake and bake

Fiber One

Proving that it’s not just fast food that answers the call of the munchies, General Mills reunited Cheech and Chong for a “magic brownie adventure” in 2011. We suppose a brownie-flavoured fibre bar is indeed more appropriate for the aging tokers of the world.


So, a unicorn, a dinosaur and a leprechaun walk into a breakfast place.

Wait, you thought that was the start of a joke? Nah, it’s just the creative that Denny’s used to showcase its late-night menu – because who better to market late-night breakfast to? Although, we really wish these guys would ditch the toxic friend influence of the leprechaun.