Go fly a kite (or something)

MADD, Uber and Tweed have all sorts of suggestions for what to do during these high times.

Come Wednesday, there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of experiences that can potentially be enhanced by the consumption of cannabis. Eating food (you know the thing where you take a mouthful of popcorn and then a mouthful of soda and just let it melt? Do that thing). Watching movies (because everyone should enjoy Pootie Tang the way it was meant to be enjoyed). Petting dogs (so many dogs).

But you know what they shouldn’t do? Drive.

It might seem obvious – after all, drinking and driving has become taboo enough that the rate is more than 60% lower than it was in 1986. Lots of that success can be attributed to highly effective activism and advertising campaigns, like this tear-jerker (so many dogs).

But pot is a great unknown for many. And, despite science suggesting otherwise, some still hold the belief that pot actually makes them a better driver. Naturally, there are a few people out there concerned that when someone’s very legal munchies kick in, they may be tempted to get behind the wheel to get those 30 tacos.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and ride-sharing service Uber may have had an obvious reason to get behind this cause – MADD has been producing effective campaigns and educating people on the dangers of impaired driving for nearly 40 years, and ride-sharing services like Uber (and, of course, its food delivery subsidiary, UberEats) stand to benefit from people choosing the safer route and letting someone else drive. With their similarly shared values, the two have partnered with licensed cannabis producer Tweed to get the word out.

Mark Zeuklin explained in a statement that the “Don’t Drive High” campaign aligns with Tweed’s commitment to education, which he says is key to a “responsible cannabis industry.”

The campaign itself is rather educational – it’s centred around a website that suggests 101 things to do when high that are less dangerous – and a lot more fun – than driving. Among the suggestions:

  • Eat a cookie (hell yeah);
  • Do karaoke (I call “Come Sail Away”);
  • Do a puzzle (try this one); and
  • Save the turtles (if you don’t save the wee turtles, who will?).

Hell, a lot of these things are fun to do whether or not you smoke.


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