Face the music for your design crimes

With Hoefler & Co.'s "Typographic Ticket Book," pedants can ticket people for their design crimes.

hoefler & co

There are all kinds of people in this world, from the somewhat snobbish (it’s supposed to be “it’s,” not “its”) to the really, really snobbish (“poor choice of typeface”).

Thanks to the good people at New York-based typeface creator Hoefler & Co., the latter can now more easily (and obnoxiously) act on their pedantic tendencies. The agency, whose work includes the Gotham and Requiem typefaces, has released a “Typographic Ticket Book,” giving  those who care enough the option of writing up their friends, colleagues, family members – and heck, even strangers! – over their common design crimes.

Hoefler & Co. has dubbed it “standard equipment for the modern design enforcer.” It lists 32 design infractions, as well as their corresponding penalties – from “improper kerning” ($740) to  “use of display font at text size” ($300) and “improper hyphenation/justification” ($200).

The book is “authoritatively typeset in Helvetica to provoke maximum anxiety, and jarringly printed in retina-scorching orange,” according to the Hoefler & Co., where pedants can purchase their gear for $10.

The idea for the book arose after one of Jonathan Hoefler’s friends was given a ticket over “some inscrutable traffic violation.” The incident got his team thinking about the “absurdity of treating ridiculous topics with deadly earnest,” the founder told Fast Company in an interview.

The choice for typefacing the ticket book in Helvetica was, well, pretty obvious: “If the state is dressing you down, it’s always in Helvetica,” Hoefler said. “Helvetica means you’re in trouble.”



Designer: Hoefler & Co.